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Archery Learning Center and Bowhunting ProShop is the State's premier destination for Hunting or Target archery. Our team of experts right here in Snellville, GA can handle anything archery. If you want to harvest huge deer, have fun with archery in the back yard or get started on your journey to becoming an archery athlete, we can handle that for you. 


Hornet News December 12

Parent and Hornet Meeting

Hi Parents and Hornets. I am eager to meet with you tonight and talk about the new year for the Hornet team. Today we will discuss the team schedule and talk about which tournaments we will attend together. We will also talk about why some tournaments are important for different Hornets and which ones can be skipped to make room in your schedule for other activities. I will also discuss with you the inclusion of 3D events into our schedule for those that wish to branch out and participate in this exciting format. 

Many of the older team members have graduated and moved off to college and started their adult lives, so the benefit of their involvement in passing along team culture is gone.  We feel the need to work with the team in passing along some of the best team attributes and guide the group in defining themselves as a team and setting down some strong team covenants to guide themselves and new team members in the future. We will help them focus on growth, integrity, sportsmanship, work ethic, and team love and camaraderie. Take a little time and talk to your archer about what TEAM means to them and the value of ethics and sportsmanship. We invite and encourage all the parents to participate in this discussion and we all can lead the team to a good list of core covenants that will result in an athlete pledge to lead us into the new year as a solid, focused team together. 

Parents AND Hornets I need you to go to the bottom of the page and fill out the form below and submit it. Teenagers, even if you think i know it already.

I am working on new ways to coach and communicate so we can get closer together and make sure everyone knows about the shoots, team functions, and other important Hornet details. So please take a second and fill out the form, so I can get news out to you faster and more frequently. Keep your eye on your notifications and you'll see more coming soon.  

online Training log

I have been slowly rolling out a training app for the kids that have devices. This allows the coaches and I to keep archery communication and logging of activity in one space. Most all the Hornets are inseparable from their devices. Rather than asking them to give us a piece of paper that they never see again. This will me a more effective training tool. As functionality of the app increases we will add more layers to team management. When you see a "George has invited you to his training space" email. Click through and join the space so you can track archery and have another layer of communication with us. 

Hornet Dues for January will be due soon January 1.  

If you haven't done it already, take this friendly reminder to pay your Hornet dues. The dues will be raised roughly $5 a week. Your net 12 week total will be $300 (one shirt per quarter included). The range time structure will change soon to a "the more you use, the cheaper it gets" model and I will work on a excellent deal for Hornet Team on base range fees. My goal is to keep standards of practice up, have them in the range as much as possible, and give me a greater opportunity to guide them outside team practices and lessons. Thanks for paying dues quickly. It helps us keep the lights on and the trains running on time. 

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