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2164 Fountain Square
Snellville, GA, 30078
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Archery Learning Center and Bowhunting ProShop is the State's premier destination for Hunting or Target archery. Our team of experts right here in Snellville, GA can handle anything archery. If you want to harvest huge deer, have fun with archery in the back yard or get started on your journey to becoming an archery athlete, we can handle that for you. 


Hornet News


Time for USA Archery Nationals

We are hosting USA Archery Nationals this weekend! We are going to need some help to make this a successful event.

Range Set-up - Friday, 9:00 AM
We can't get into the arena until tomorrow so set-up will begin at 9:00 am on Friday. Meet at the shop to load the trailers. If you can bring a trailer, please do. One less trip to make across the street! There's lots to do... taping the floors, setting up target numbers, moving targets, etc.  See you then!

During the shoot we need volunteers to help with check-in. Add your name to the volunteer list (or remind yourself what you signed up for). Rhonda will be around to help with any questions.

Range Dismantle - Sunday @4:00
We will pack everything up immediately following the afternoon line on Sunday, which should be about 4:00. Again... the more hands, the faster we can get this done!



GAA State Indoor this weekend!

Remember this weekend is the GAA Indoor JOAD and GAA Indoor State Championships and we are hosting.  

All Hornets are asked to meet at the shop at 7:00 on Friday. If you have a trailer, please bring it. The more help, the faster the work will be completed. We will need to move targets and stands over to the SGAA Arena and set up. 

We could also use a few parents to help out with check-in at registration and collecting scorecards at the end of each line. Check here for a list of of opportunities and times. I promise no experience is necessary! Just add your name to any open spots if you're available!

january News


GAA Indoor JOAD and GAA Indoor State Championships
Friday, January 26 is the the last day to register for the GAA Indoor JOAD and GAA Indoor State Championships before the late fee. Limited spaces are still available. REGISTER NOW!!!! We are hosting this shoot and want to have a great turnout!

Saturday, February 3

GAA State Indoor
Sunday, February 4

We're going to be looking for some help to host the state tournaments (and again on Feb 23-25 to host the USA Archery Nationals.)

One of the biggest requests... help setting up the range. All Hornets are asked to meet at the shop at 7:00 on Friday, February 2. If you have a trailer, please bring it. The more help, the faster the work will be completed! Details on other requests for help with registration at practice on Tuesday.

Remember the tournament calendar is available from the GAA Website. You can also stay updated on Facebook. The U.S. National Indoor Championships and JOAD National Indoor Championships are also quickly approaching. The tournaments are Feb 23-25, but early registration ends on Feb 3!

***Special event on Tuesday, January 30*** AJC Access Atlanta will be at practice to film a segment. Remember to wear your team shirts! (As always...)



Hornet Signing day

The coaches are super happy with  how the new Hornet Signing day went. We think it accomplishes the goal of having our core team covenants spoken and acknowledged by the team. We look forward to a great indoor season and will work hard for the team as we know the team will work hard for us. Please check your schedule and be sure your Recurve archers are signed up for "small groups" or a private lesson with one of the ALC coaches, so we can get a jump start on the year. 

If you haven't see the new Hornet Covenant and Contract, download it here. Take a moment and read through it with your archer. We have a page for the archer and a page for the parent to sign as an acknowledgement that they understand and wish to participate and enjoy archery with us at a high competitive level.  


Parents AND Hornets - Fall quarter dues are due. There are many on the team that are behind on quarterly payments. Please take a moment and get current with us so we can keep offering this program. 

Time to register for the Christmas shoot

The Archery Schedule is up 

Take a look at the Georgia Archery Association website. There's a comprehensive listing of all the shoots going on in our area. Be sure to prioritize the State Championship Level shoots. It's required that Hornets participating on the team hit as many State level shoots as they can at the least. Many Hornets will go on and compete Nationwide and abroad. Talk to us if you're unsure where to go or which tournaments are appropriate for your shooter. 

The State 25Meter is next - Register right away. Space is becoming limited.


online Training log

I have been slowly rolling out a training app for the kids that have devices. This allows the coaches and I to keep archery communication and logging of activity in one space. Most all the Hornets are inseparable from their devices. Rather than asking them to give us a piece of paper that they never see again. This will me a more effective training tool. As functionality of the app increases we will add more layers to team management. When you see a "George has invited you to his training space" email. Click through and join the space so you can track archery and have another layer of communication with us. 

Hornet Dues invoicing program  

Parent's we know life is busy and its hard to keep up with what is going on and what comes next. We have a new billing system available to us now that allows you to sign up for automatic payments to the hornet program. Talk with Coach GRIV or Rhonda and let us know you're interested and we can get the process going to sign you up 

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